1.     Explanation of terms:

1.1. The following is understood for the purpose of these Accreditation Rules:

1.2. “Accreditation” is a permit that enables entry to Svoboda park areas reserved by the organiser according to these rules.

1.3. The “accreditation card” is a card demonstrating accreditation of the authorised applicant. Each accredited person is entitled to one accreditation card.

1.4. An “accredited person” is an applicant who is the holder of a valid accreditation card allocated in compliance with these accreditation rules.

1.5. The “event” means the duration of the softball tournament „Intercontinental Softball Cup 2018“ from 28th August to 1st September 2018 at Svoboda park, Prague 8, for companies even at the time of preparation and disposal.

1.6. The “organiser” means the Czech Softball Association.


2.     Validity of the accreditation card

        2.1. The validity of the accreditation card is given on the card itself.


3.     The rights and duties of accredited persons

3.1. Within the terms of the accreditation, only the accredited persons who are participants in the tournament, or persons who are invited by the Czech Softball Association or whose work activity is related to the performance of work at Svoboda park area are permitted to enter the areas/zones of the Svoboda park reserved by the organiser.

3.2. Each person is required to undergo the accreditation process in relation to the tournament or to carrying out work within the terms of the event.

3.3. The organiser will determine the accredited persons authorisation to enter the zones in advance.

3.4. Accredited persons are required to submit their proof of identity to the organiser of the event or its authorised persons by showing their accreditation card issued by the organiser.


4.     Allocating accreditation

4.1. Accreditation may only be allocated to an authorised applicant on the basis of completion of the web form or form at the accreditation centre. The accreditation centre is located at Svoboda park in an administrative building of SK Joudrs Praha.

4.2. In the application for accreditation, the applicant is required to give the name of the organisation he/she represents, his/her name and surname, telephone number, etc. On the basis of the EU General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”), valid from 25th  May 2018, the applicant’s written consent to the processing of his/her personal data is required for the issuance of the accreditation.


5.     Consequences of breach of accreditation terms

5.1. In the event of a serious breach of these accreditation rules and the duties arising from them, the organiser or its authorised person is authorised to unilaterally terminate the allocated accreditation and withdraw the accreditation card. Termination of accreditation by the organisation results in the expiration of the accredited person’s rights.

5.2. In cases of a less serious breach of these accreditation rules, the organiser or its authorised person is authorised to demand that this situation be remedied immediately. In the event that the situation is not remedied, or in the case of repeated breach of these accreditation rules, the organiser is entitled to ask the accredited person to leave the event venue and refuse to admit this person to the event venue.


6.     Other arrangements

6.1. Neither the accreditation nor the rights arising from it are transferrable to a third party.

6.2. The organiser reserves the right to refrain from allocating accreditation, and it is not required to give a reason for this decision.